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With Data Visualisation continuing to be a hot trend in BI Jobs, see the latest job & salary analysis from IT Jobswatch.

Posted on Monday Oct 16

Top Business Intelligence Trends 2017: 
Read What 2,800 BI Professionals Really Think

Posted on Monday Oct 16

Data Science, AI & Deep Learning, London Nov 16 2017

Conference and Pre-Conference Workshops


Hilton London Kensington November 16 2017

Posted on Monday Oct 9

As the demand for data scientists increase, the discipline presents an enticing career path for students and existing professionals. This includes those who are not data scientists but are obsessed with data, which has left them asking:

What skills do I need to become a data scientist?

Posted on Monday Oct 9

You may be forgiven for thinking that the "New BI" of  data mining, predictive analytics, location and geospatial intelligence, and an assortment of other advanced analytics technologies,  is fundamentally different from the "old BI" of Reports, dashboards, scorecards, and ad hoc, OLAP-powered analysis.

But is that really the case?



Posted on Sunday Sep 24

IP Expo Europe is the No1 Enterprise IT Event.

IP EXPO Europe takes place on 4-5 October 2017 at ExCeL London. 6 Events under 1 roof including AI, Analytics & IoT

Register Free & Save £35

Posted on Monday Sep 18

You may not have heard of some of the 7 hottest new IT Jobs - but Paul Heltzel argues that whilst some may fizzle, others may have a long future thanks to underlying IT trends.

Posted on Monday Sep 11

Massive investments in IoT will shake up the core skills in high demand at IT organizations in the years to come. Bob Violino how to transform your career path to capitalize.

Posted on Monday Sep 11

Creating Data Visualisations that don't suck

Slides from a presentation given at uxcambridge 2017.


Posted on Friday Sep 8

Location, Location, Location Data. From Tracking Foot Traffic with Wi-Fi, through Optimizing Grocery Delivery, to Why Don’t American Roads Have Roundabouts? Lindsay Stares takes us on 3 interesting data journeys.

Posted on Tuesday Aug 29

The Power BI Desktop August Feature Summary is here. 

See the full list of new features including new custom visuals, Power KPI and data connectivity enhancements.

Posted on Thursday Aug 24

Self-Service Data Analytics for Smaller Companies (SME’s) 

Gregory Thompson addresses 4 main questions;

   what are the short term and long term objectives?
   who should be responsible for the effort?
   what specific problems should be addressed?
   what tools should be used to support the initiative?

Posted on Monday Aug 7

How Data Analytics can Revolutionise Healthcare

Posted on Saturday Aug 5

17 Statistics Forecasting the Future of Business Intelligence in the Cloud. 



Posted on Thursday Aug 3

Predictive Analytics World London, the leading vendor-neutral analytics conference, is holding its seventhannual conference this October 11-12 in London, UK at etc.venues, 200 Aldersgate.

Posted on Monday Jul 31

Do modern Self-Service BI Tools and in-memory performance enhancements lessen the need for Data Modelling skills?

Posted on Monday Jul 17

Save the Date  !

Upcoming Conferences in the Analytics, Data Engineering & AI spaces.

All the details of the main events in London, Amsterdam & Budapest

Posted on Wednesday Jul 12

Demystifying data visualisation - Paul Black suggests 3 simple tips to improve your company's Data Visualisation effectiveness.

Posted on Wednesday Jul 12

Do you really need a Data Scientist? Alex Woodie puts the case for starting off lower down the food chain and getting some basics in place first.

Posted on Thursday Jun 29

Open source business intelligence tools enables airline to gain new insights from a decade’s worth of ticket sales

Posted on Wednesday Jun 14

Some simple tips and tricks with Microsoft Power BI, here Tech Republic show you how to add a background image to your Power BI reports.

Posted on Wednesday Jun 14

Does Google's Cloud Spanner Database Cheat Space-Time?

Steve Swoyer investigates the claims for Google's new ACID-compliant, globally distributed database.

Posted on Friday Jun 9

Workshop - Data Visualisation 101 With Javascript

GA London, The Relay Building, Tickets £55

Posted on Thursday Jun 8

A Seattle hospital is using Big Data techniques to analyse historic cases of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS.

Can Analytics shed new light on this medical mystery?

Posted on Thursday Jun 8

Tableau 10.3 Announcements;

Data-driven alerting

Intelligent joins

Connectors for Amazon Athena, Adobe PDF files,ServiceNow, MongoDB, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive.

Tableau Bridge for live hybrid on-premises to cloud data source connectivity. 

Posted on Sunday Jun 4

Helping BI & AI Converge - the role of the GPU.

  James Mesney uncovers the hardware revolution underpinning the convergence of BI & AI.

Posted on Thursday May 18

International data analytics summits in Frankfurt, London, Breda, Madrid, and Mexico announced by Information Builders

Posted on Wednesday May 17

The Annual Analytics Summit 15th June 2017  :  From Data to Decisions

IET, Savoy Place, London, WC2R OBL

Key Speakers;

Luciano Floridi (Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford)
Claire Thompson (Head of Customer Analytics, Royal Bank of Scotland)
Charles Kennelly (CTO, ESRI) 
Jonathan Roberts (Head of Data Science Hub, Ministry of Justice)


Posted on Thursday May 11

Modern BI With SAP BusinessObjects Lumira 2.0

Timo Elliott explores the self-service analytics landscape provided by the upcoming SAP BusinessObjects Lumira 2.0, expected release soon.

Posted on Wednesday May 3

The simplest explanation of Hadoop that you have ever read.

Posted on Wednesday Apr 26

Last month Google announced that it had removed the five report limit in Data Studio, allowing everyone to create and share as many reports as needed — all for free. Now they have opened up access to 180+ countries, enabling even more businesses to easily connect to data and create beautiful, informative reports that are easy to read, easy to share, and fully customizable.

Posted on Wednesday Apr 26

City University of London has unveiled a new undergraduate course for would-be data scientists, commencing September 2018. The course is a first in the UK.

Posted on Wednesday Apr 26

It used to be known as "Analysis Paralysis", but perhaps a more modern idiom would be "Analytics Paralytics" ?

Posted on Friday Apr 21

Barcelona trials the use of IoT and big data to manage its tourists. 


Posted on Tuesday Apr 4

By permission.

Posted on Saturday Mar 18

Google gains access to 600,000 data scientists.

Posted on Friday Mar 17

With the vast majority of analytics going under the heading of "descriptive analytics", Timo Elliott examines Gartner's move to put traditional reporting tools into a separate Enterprise-Reporting Based Platforms report, rather than their BI and Analytics Platforms Magic Quadrant.

Posted on Wednesday Mar 15

Going behind I T's back - how business users are getting the analytics they deserve and what IT can do about it.

Posted on Friday Mar 3

Are you looking to break into Analytics?  Any career change is fraught with difficulties, so the 5 "must dos" highlighted by Piyanka Jain are required reading for those aspiring to a new career in the hot analytics space.

Posted on Friday Mar 3

The Big Data Innovation Summit London 2017 March 30 & 31.

Posted on Monday Feb 27

The rise of  the ACEs - “Analytic Communities of Excellence”. Timo Elliott charts the reasons behind the apparent fall from grace of the Business Intelligence Competency Centre, and what might replace them.

Posted on Friday Feb 24

Microsoft’s Business Intelligence and Analytics platforms land in Gartner’s Leaders quadrant (Feb 2017)

Posted on Friday Feb 17

Calling Bullshit - Two University of Washington professors unveil a new course for this spring about recognizing distorted data. 

Posted on Wednesday Feb 15

R overtakes SAS in Job Posting requirements for statistics - graphed data from Indeed

Posted on Friday Feb 10

Picking the right visual analytics solution that is a “perfect match for you” can be totally overwhelming. Keep in mind that your ideal vendor might not be the highest ranked vendor or even included in popular analyst rankings. Join Jen Underwood on her delightful dating spoof as the Visual Analytics vendors display what they have to offer our Buyer.


Posted on Wednesday Feb 8

Survey results have revealed that data analytics salaries are set to grow by 4 percent in 2017.

Posted on Friday Jan 20


We are indebted to Timo Elliott for this (slightly cynical) predictions for BI in 2017, including some of my personal favourites;

"Download to Excel" will continue to be the most-requested BI tool feature. Users will complain when they are unable to download the entire corporate data lake to their PC.


Newer vendors will call the older vendors inflexible dinosaurs. Older vendors will call newer vendors immature and unsafe. Some newer vendors will suddenly realize that they are now considered the older vendors.

Posted on Saturday Jan 14


BI Jobs Blog recognised by Feedspot as one of the top 50 Business Intelligence Blogs

Posted on Thursday Jan 12

A first look at IBM's Watson Analytics on the ipad, by Sharon Machlis.

Posted on Wednesday Jan 4

The 2016 Big Data Maturity Survey - Brought to you by AtScale

Now in its second year, the Big Data Maturity Survey 2016 (formerly the “Hadoop Maturity Survey”) delivers a wealth of insight into Hadoop as it continues to be the fastest growing force in Big Data. But how do you separate hype from reality? 

Posted on Friday Dec 30

Microsoft is now delivering Power BI, SQL Server Stretch Database and other cloud computing services from the company's data centers in the UK.

Posted on Tuesday Dec 20

5 Reasons NoSQL Adoption is Booming

Posted on Wednesday Dec 7

Job Hunting in December - challenge the accepted wisdom.

Posted on Thursday Dec 1

Python v R - what's best for machine Learning & Analytics

Posted on Tuesday Nov 29

Between the Spreadsheets - can Data about your Dates help you meet the right person?

Posted on Tuesday Nov 29

Does Big Data mean Big Money?

Posted on Wednesday Nov 23

IT Contractors looking to go agency-free get a boost from this new service.

Posted on Wednesday Nov 23

The top 50 BI Blogs every decision maker must follow

Posted on Friday Nov 18

9 must-have skills for the Data Scientist

Posted on Wednesday Nov 16

In the era of Big Data, does GIGO still apply?

Posted on Monday Nov 7

Check out the Top Ten News Stories in AI right now

Posted on Friday Oct 28

UK regions hiring the most Machine Learning specialists (Q4, 2016)

Posted on Friday Oct 28

Power BI recently teamed up with renowned visualization expert Alberto Cairo to share the methodology behind graphics and how they can support data storytelling by developing five Data Visualization and Storytelling courses. Read on to watch the video and access the courses.

Posted on Wednesday Oct 19

Visualisations in Space - There are more than 1300 man-made satellites orbiting the Earth right now, with this interactive graphic you can explore where they are, who launched them and why.

Posted on Wednesday Oct 12

Data scientist has been dubbed one of the 'sexiest jobs of the 21st century.' Want to know what you can do to move towards a career working with data? Here are three routes to a career in data science.

Posted on Thursday Oct 6

Self-service BI is helping enterprises spread analytics among more users, but it's not without its problems, argues Steve Swoyer

Posted on Thursday Oct 6

Cool visuals are seductive, but they can lead to confusion, and for the reader to do too much work.

Posted on Thursday Oct 6

Slowly but surely, Microsoft is making Power BI into an extremely useful platform for advanced analysis. 

Posted on Thursday Sep 29

Apache Spark is hot right now, but what lies behind the hype.

Posted on Wednesday Sep 21

Free Advertising for Entry-Level BI jobs (<£25k)

Posted on Monday Sep 19

Join Industry leaders when the London Data Festival returns this November.

Posted on Sunday Sep 18

Deutsche Bank to create 165 jobs in Dublin and open data lab

Posted on Friday Sep 9

Compare and contrast SAP BW on HANA to SAP BW 4/HANA. Steve Swoyer looks at SAP's recent announcement and provides us with the answers.

Posted on Wednesday Sep 7

Stephen Swoyer argues that Hadoop is in Gartner's "Trough of Disillusionment"

Posted on Wednesday Sep 7

Here's where species will flee because of Global Warming:  A Data Visualisation.

Posted on Tuesday Sep 6

Correlation Is Not Causation. Some interesting charts demonstrating random correlation.

Posted on Thursday Sep 1

Data Stories: Life on American Streets and Highways

Posted on Thursday Sep 1

What do the new advances in Mainframe tech mean for BI & Analytics?

Posted on Thursday Sep 1

The scalability of Business Intelligence (BI) within Smaller and Medium sized businesses.

Posted on Friday Aug 12

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