So the Majority of Analytics is Reporting

With the vast majority of analytics going under the heading of "descriptive analytics", Timo Elliott examines Gartner's move to put traditional reporting tools into a separate Enterprise-Reporting Based Platforms report, rather than their BI and Analytics Platforms Magic Quadrant.

According to the Gartner definition, Descriptive Analytics is the examination of data or content, usually manually performed, to answer the question “What happened?” (or What is happening?), characterized by traditional business intelligence (BI) and visualizations such as pie charts, bar charts, line graphs, tables, or generated narratives.

With the majority of analytics falling under this category, Timo Elliott examines the move by Gartner to move traditional self-service and interactive reporting tools that do the bulk of today’s descriptive analytics, like WebIntelligence, to a separate Enterprise-Reporting Based Platforms report.

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