Selecting a Visual analytics vendor

Picking the right visual analytics solution that is a “perfect match for you” can be totally overwhelming. Keep in mind that your ideal vendor might not be the highest ranked vendor or even included in popular analyst rankings. Join Jen Underwood on her delightful dating spoof as the Visual Analytics vendors display what they have to offer our Buyer.


The Buyer 2017

It is that time of year. The season you’ve been waiting for is finally here! On tonight’s The Buyer 2017 premiere, our journey begins with an introduction to many wonderful visual analytics vendors seeking love. During the long, stressful first night, one by one, contestants prepare to make a lasting first impression on our Buyer before the first rose ceremony. What vendors will continue their journey to win his heart? Who will be his perfect match?

What to Expect

Tonight’s season premiere episode will see some familiar faces in a mix of amazing new, modern and traditional vendors. Three anticipated, extremely popular contestants – Tableau, Qlik and Pyramid Analytics – are back for another chance at love along with a few others. Several new unknown vendors make a delightful debut – Tellius, ClearStory and Klipfolio. A couple related ecosystem vendors sneak onto our filming location pleasantly surprising our Buyer – Exasol and Incorta. One expected vendor – not to be named – was asked to leave for bullying contestants and refusing to work with our producers. We were unable to find contact information to invite Oracle, GoodData, and Platfora (acquired by Workday). Several other vendors ignored our calls. Another villainess vendor can’t seem to decipher fiction from reality… more to come on that.

Watch the full episode here (part 1)


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