City University MSci data science course will begin in 2018

City University of London has unveiled a new undergraduate course for would-be data scientists, commencing September 2018. The course is a first in the UK.

This degree prepares you for a successful career within the growing Data Science discipline; providing a combination of computing and data analysis skills needed to extract insights from complex set of data.

Who is it for?

This degree is suitable for those who would like to develop creative computational solutions to derive the data-intensive transformation that is reshaping the way our society operates. It will build your foundational skills within computer science, such as algorithmic thinking and programming, and develop the specialist data scientists skills needed for the extraction of actionable insight from complex data collections.

You should have a strong interest in technologies that produce and analyse data and will need to develop computational solutions for the acquisition and analysis of data, and use creative problem-solving skills to extract knowledge that can answer challenging questions in a domain of investigation.


Data Science is a multidisciplinary domain that requires training in a wide-range of skills from programming to visualisation, to data analysis. The demand for data scientists in the UK has grown more than ten-fold in the past five years *. This programme aims to equip you with both strong foundational computer scientist skills and specialised data scientist skills. This powerful combination of computing and analytics will provide you a skill set that will be widely applicable not only within the computing industry but also in various application domains, from retail to health.

As a student on this course you will have to opportunity to:

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