5 Reasons why you should Job Hunt in December.

Job Hunting in December - challenge the accepted wisdom.

The accepted wisdom in recruiting is that recruiters and recruiting managers shut up shop early for the festive season, and there is no point in expending your effort chasing jobs when there is going to be no one around to conduct interviews. But is this actually the case, or are there good reasons why you should conduct a job search in December?


1 Job Seekers at this time of year can be seen to be creative (not adhering to the conventional wisdom of a slow-down) and conscientious (having to try a bit harder to succeed), qualities that most employers will hold in high regard. This can help make your approach or application stand out.

2 Plans are often being made and budgets and headcount agreed for the new calendar year. Keeping up with your contacts and maintaining the momentum of your job search through December can put you in pole position for any New Year starts.

3 You may have less competition. If everyone else thinks its not a good time to job hunt, going against the crowd can not only make you stand out but gain you a numerical advantage in the competition for the best roles.

4 Vacancies are often created by “leavers” and many people use the end of the year/approaching new year to review their options and make fresh starts – which could create an opportunity for someone just like you!

5 ‘Tis the season to be jolly. There is an abundance of networking possibilities in the festive season, from office parties to seasonal meetups of interest groups to take advantage of whilst you are enjoying yourself. Recruiters, agents, and employers will often be in a better mood with more time to chat when the daily schedule is a bit more relaxed and they are looking forward to their festive break!


Thanks for reading and wishing all our readers a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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