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25th July 2017
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The Business intelligence team at Nexmo is working on everything related to data, from ETL and data warehouses all the way to the reporting platform where other teams can build reports and get answers they need from our data.

We are currently looking for an experienced data engineer to help us build a system for processing hundreds of GBs of data every day.

What you will do:

As a Data Engineer, you’ll become part of the Business intelligence team, responsible for  building and maintaining a system for processing the ~500GB of logs generated by the Nexmo API platform every day and loading it into our data warehouse and other systems which consume aggregated data.

Help design the overall distributed data pipeline architecture for processing data from Kafka / S3 and loading it into our Redshift DWH

Implement distributed data loading and aggregation jobs that will be able to handle hundreds of GBs of json files in near-real time across our data centers

Maintain a catalogue of the source log files and work closely with the rest of BI and our product teams to make sure new data is added and understood as needed

Be responsible for writing your own automated tests, data quality screens as well as deployment of your solutions

What we’re looking for:

While we have a good amount of experience with traditional ETL and data warehouse technologies in the team, we need help from someone with experience building  distributed data pipelines at scale (or someone highly motivated to learn this quickly on the job):

1-2 years working experience with either Java, Python or Scala

Experience building distributed data processing systems using open source tools like Mesos, Hadoop, Spark, Kafka or ELK prefered, though we’re open to highly motivated candidates with an interest in big data technologies

Experience working as part of a larger engineering team, within an agile framework and using version control systems

Experience working with relational databases (ideally MySQL and Redshift), NoSQL databases are a plus

Familiarity with cloud technologies and working with cloud infrastructure (AWS prefered)

Why Nexmo

Now part of Vonage, Nexmo is a global API platform for cloud communications that handles over 90 million requests every day. Customers like Airbnb, Viber, Whatsapp, Snapchat, and many others depend on our APIs and SDKs to connect with their customers all over the world.

Company built by engineers

Nexmo is a tech company, built by engineers at the intersection of cloud and telecommunications and this is reflected everywhere in our culture.

We’re small enough, so that you will still know most people in the office by name, have the freedom to use any tools you like and getting access to a database won’t take a month

We’re stable and profitable enough, so that you won’t need to worry about your next paycheck or change of direction every month

Interesting engineering challenge

Our data infrastructure has been neglected for a long time and there is a good amount of technical debt, but we are aware of this and committed to replacing it with a better solution

You’ll largely work on building new systems, mostly from scratch. No maintenance of nightmare legacy code and unchangeable monolithic applications

Agile development using modern technologies

We iterate quickly, use the scrum framework, do frequent code reviews and have a very open and pragmatic work culture within the team

Our data platform is built in the cloud, using technologies like Kafka, S3, GCDS, ELK stack, Redshift and Tableau


Our values!

We value disruptive innovation, getting things done, and working with passion and integrity are the values that matter at Nexmo. We are on a mission to enable simplified communications between enterprises and their customers by empowering our employees. We strive for passion and integrity, both personally and professionally.

We have achieved significant growth by hiring exceptional people. We have big goals, and we want the people who join us to be self confident, focused on customers and delivery, and who are structured and committed in their approach. We value those who will help us continue this spirit. If this appeals to you then we encourage you to apply.


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