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Q. What is BI Jobs?

A.  BI Jobs publishes job vacancies listed by direct employers and recruitment agencies, and is purely focussed on the Business Intelligence sector.  With specialist BI recruitment knowledge going back to the 1990’s, we have carefully tailored the site to meet the needs of BI professionals at all levels.

Q. Are there any fees for this service?

A.  No, all the features of BI Jobs are completely free of charge for candidates.

Q. Is BI Jobs available on my mobile or tablet?

A. Yes, BI Jobs is a product of the mobile age, and has been developed to retain full functionality across all major operating systems and mobile platforms, giving the busy professional access to the best jobs at all times.

Q. How can I get in touch with BI Jobs?

A. If you have any questions which are not answered below, or if you would like to give us some feedback, you can find our details on the Contact page.  We are open during normal office hours, Monday to Friday.


Searching & Job Alerts

Q. How can I get the most from my searches?

A. We have made searching for your ideal job as simple as possible, by utilising a single input box for your search criteria.  To get the most from the BI Jobs advanced search capability, in the Keywords search box on the home page, search for multiple keywords or phrases by utilising Boolean search techniques:

Examples – SQL AND SSRS AND “Senior Consultant”

                  Cognos NOT Sales

                  “Business Objects” OR “SAP BI”

Once you are happy with your keyword spread (you can include skills and/or job titles, as required), then just filter your search in the Job Type and Location boxes……and let our powerful search engine do the rest.

Q. Can I save my searches?

A.  Yes, BI Jobs makes this simple.  As new positions are posted on a daily basis, it is a good idea to return to BI Jobs frequently to see if new positions have been posted that match your criteria.  To help with this, you can save a search at the time of searching, and subsequently access/edit your saved seaches via the “Saved Search” button on your “My Account” page.

Q. Can I receive jobs by email?

A.  Yes, in addition to the ability to save searches for future use, you have the opportunity to receive email notifications of new job postings that match your search criteria, and you can select either daily or weekly notifications.  To set up, either hit the “Job Alerts” button on your “My Account” page, or (for unregistered candidates) access via the “Candidates” tab in the header bar, and select “Sign up for Job Alerts”. 



Q. Do I have to register to apply to a job?

A.  Yes. Registering with BI Jobs offers a very simple way to apply for a job, and also offers full job seeker account functions including (if selected) CV visibility on the CV Search section of the board, enabling registered recruiters to contact you direct with their job opportunities. 

Importantly. BI Jobs recognises that some candidates do not wish for their CV to be lodged in a searchable database, or for it to be visible in any sort of public domain, therefore BI Jobs allows candidates to keep their CV confidential and NOT visible to recruiters. Simply set the "My profile is searchable?" to "No" on registration. Even if you choose to make your CV discoverable to recruiters, you have the option of further restricting access, as explained in the Registration & CV Upload section. 

Q. How do I apply to a job?

A. When you find a job for which you wish to apply, simply scroll down to the bottom of the job advert display, and you will see two options:

“Register & Apply” allows you to quickly apply for the job whilst registering with BI Jobs…..simply choose your CV file from your device and press upload. Then fill in the short form with your preferences, and press Apply Now.

“Login and Apply” is the option for registered candidates to choose, as this gives you fastrack access to your uploaded application documents (CV/Cover Letter), from which you simply select those which are appropriate to this application, and press Apply.

Q. Can I find out more information about a job posting?

A.  We show all information that advertisers provide to us.  However, if there is some additional information you would like to know about the job you are looking at, then please contact the advertiser using their contact details provided. If the advertiser has not provided their contact details, then please ask us (via the “Contact” page) and we will liaise with the advertiser on your behalf in order to try and find out extra information. We are very happy to offer this service to our candidates, and to liaise with advertisers directly on your behalf. 

Q. How do I know the recruiter has received my application?

A.  When you make an application, you will receive an email confirming that your application was successfully made.

Q. Can I track the progress of my application?

A.  Yes, by accessing “Job Activity” via your “My Account” page.


Registration & CV Upload

Q. What are the advantages of registering with BI Jobs?

A.  By registering with BI Jobs, you will be able to apply to jobs quickly and easily by accessing your stored CV, Cover Letter, contact details, etc without having to supply them with each application.   Additionally, by default, your CV will be searchable by our registered recruiters, who will be able to make contact with you directly as soon as an opportunity arises which they feel might be of interest to you. If you wish, within your BI Jobs Profile, you have the option to make your CV unsearchable. In short, by registering with BI Jobs, you will enjoy all the facilities of a full-service job board, whilst focussing clearly on your BI specialism.

Q. Can I hide my details from selected recruiters?

A.  By registering with BI Jobs, the default setting is that your CV is searchable by all registered recruiters.  However, you can continue to have your CV searchable, whilst making it invisible to selected recruiters (such as your current employer);  to do this, on your Profile page, select “Client Filtering” from the “My Account” menu to the right of the page, and select the recruiter(s) whom you wish to omit.

Q. Could my details be seen by my employer?

A.  Only recruiters who are registered with BI Jobs can view the CV database.  If your employer is one of these, they can be omitted by following the procedure shown in the previous FAQ, thereby ensuring that your details will not be seen by your employer.

Q. Will my CV be searchable?

A.  By default, your registration with BI Jobs will ensure that your CV is searchable by all recruiters registered with BI Jobs.  However, you may retain the other advantages of registration whilst making your CV unsearchable, simply by changing the global searchability setting within your Profile.


Your Account

Q. I’ve forgotten my password, what do I do?

A. At the candidate login page, press the Password Reminder button and your password will be emailed to you.

Q. How can I update my email address or password?

A.  You can amend any of your registrations details via your Profile page, including email address and password.  Changing your password regularly is good practice for any website. 

Q. Can I delete my BI Jobs account?

A.  Yes, you can delete your BI Jobs account by going to “Deactivate Account”, which can be found in the Profile box on your “My Account” page.  





Q.  What is BI Jobs?

A.  BI Jobs is a job board which publishes job vacancies listed by direct employers and recruitment agencies, and is purely focussed on the Business Intelligence sector.  Job seekers are able to quickly search through the new jobs that appear on our site every day, and they are also able to receive alerts as soon as a new posting is placed which matches their criteria.  With specialist BI recruitment knowledge going back to the 1990’s, we have made it a simple procedure for both direct employers and recruitment agencies to find the specialist BI talent that they need.

Q.  What can BI Jobs do for me?

A.  BI Jobs has been created to provide direct employers and recruitment agencies with a specialist resource for the procurement of the best BI talent available.  

Q.  How does BI Jobs attract the best talent?

A.  During our extensive canvassing of the top BI talent, when asked for the reasons that would put them off using a job board in order to further their career, one overriding factor was mentioned time and again: the very best talent often does not wish to register with a job board and lodge their CV on a "public" database.  Therefore, BI Jobs allows candidates to apply to your advertisement directly and keep their CV confidential from all other recruiters.  Our marketing to candidates reflects this, ensuring that the very best talent can confidentially apply to all advertisements posted via BI Jobs.  In turn, this means that you, the advertiser, have access to that pool of candidates that shies away from the traditional boards for this very reason (and, our research clearly points to the fact that this is the top-slice of the BI talent pool). 

Q.  How can I get in touch?

A.  You will find our contact details on the Home page.

Your Account

Q.  Can I change or reset my password?

A.  Yes, log in as usual, and on your advertiser home page, just click on "change password", and you will be taken through the password change protocol.

Q.  I no longer have access to my email address and/or have lost my password....what should I do?

A.  Please get in touch with us so that we can run through verification procedures with you.

Q.  How can I change my company details?

A.  On your registration home page, your company details, logo, etc can all be amended by accessing the relevant section on the menu panel to the right of the screen.

Q.  How do I purchase job credits?

A.   On your registration home page, go to the right hand menu panel, "Credits & Subscriptions", then "Buy Credits".


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