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What sort of roles are available in the realm of Analytics Jobs?

Analytics jobs are many and varied. BI Jobs includes roles available in all the following sectors and disciplines;

Marketing & Insight.

Organisations seek to gain insight from the analysis of marketing activity, in order to better target their marketing activity and improve the customer experience. Marketing channels can be examined in detail to reveal true customer and performance insight. It is the role of the Analyst to uncover these insights and present their findings. By analysing data and responding to the findings, marketing strategies in every industry are enhanced. Hard skills focus around products such as Google analytics and Adobe analytics, and roles / job titles include all of the following;

Marketing Analyst

Campaign Analyst

Customer Insight Analyst 

Data Planning Analyst

Statistical Analyst 

Digital Analytics

Organisations are also seeking to ensure their websites and other digital assets perform to the maximum of their potential. Ensuring Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is critical, as is analysis of the cusomer flow through the website. Hard skills in this sector focus around products such as SEO, Google, and CRT, with roles / job titles include all of the following;

Web Analytics Analyst

Conversion Optimisation Analyst

Digital Analytics Analyst

Credit Risk

Credit risk is a specific area of analytics concentrating on the analysis of providing credit to customers and organisational borrowers, and the risk inherent in providing such credit. Hard skills typically centre on SAS and other statistical analysis tools/packages including Excel. Typical Job roles / job titles include;

Credit Risk Analyst

Senior Credit Risk Analyst

Portfolio Analyst


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